Spring Cleaning Tile & Grout Tips

Spring cleaning season is in full gear and if you have tile and grout in your home, then your list of cleaning tasks is a bit more involved than other home owners. While tile is an excellent choice for flooring throughout a home because of its beauty, durability and affordable price, it can be a pain to keep clean. Grout often acts like a magnet towards dirt, grime and grease causing it to turn black or discolored. This will leave your tile floor looking dirty and leave an ill impression on any visitors you may have. There are a handful of tips that will help homeowners with tile flooring keep it clean and last longer, making it worth choosing tile as your flooring.

Do it Yourself Tile & Grout Cleaning Woes

If you have chosen tile for the majority of flooring throughout your home, so that it covers more area than any other type of flooring, do not attempt to clean it yourself. Taking on that big of job can take much more time and effort than you planned for. Hiring a professional will save you large amounts of time and money in cleaning solutions. Consumers will also find that the chemicals they can purchase at the store to clean their tile flooring with will actually leave a buildup on their floor’s surface. This can make your floors even dirtier than they were before you cleaned them. Layer build up can also be attributed to cleaning tools like the Swiffer mop, steam mops and other popular floor cleaning devices.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning and Care

It is important to talk to a professional to gather the correct information on tile flooring. A professional will be familiar with what chemicals are safe to use and which ones will leave a film of buildup on your tile floor. If possible, avoid wearing shoes on your tile floor as well as bare feet. Cotton socks are your best choice to keep your tile floor as clean as possible for as long as possible. Even after doing this, it is still recommended to have at least annual tile floor cleaning maintenance.

Exterior Cleaning Helps Prevent Dirt and Oil Inside

The exterior of a home will often indicate how clean or dirty the floor inside the home is. If there are tire marks or oil stains on the drive way, chances are that same dirt and oil has been tracked into the home. Be sure to regularly sweep up any walk way or pathway that leads to your front door. This will help to eliminate an excess grime that can be tracked into your home. Your welcome mats should be cleaned often to reduce dust being tracked in as well.

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