Clearing Up Tile & Grout Myths

Many home owners choose tile for their flooring as it is very cost effective and cleans up nicely. However there are many myths that come along with tile and grout that steer some home owners away from choosing to install tile. There are other myths that make consumers believe that tile and grout flooring require effortless cleaning techniques. Many consumers believe it is almost impossible to keep grout completely spotless. Or if you have your grout and tile sealed that you will never have to clean it again. With so many false facts and ideas floating around about tile flooring, it’s important to know the truth about what is required as a homeowner when caring for your tile floor.

Cleaning your Tile and Grout Floor with Bleach

Tile flooring is durable and performs well in high traffic areas. When a tile surface becomes dirty or odorous, one of the first things that a home owner often does is goes out and buys a large gallon of bleach. Bleach is a fantastic cleaning agent, as it disinfects and whitens. However, if you use bleach over and over again on your tile floor, the grout will slowly begin to deteriorate, making it weak and prone to chipping. This will eventually lead to your tiles getting loose and potentially cracking. Although bleach is excellent for removing stains, it is a poor choice to go with for cleaning your tile floor.

Cleaning your Tile and Grout Floor with a Wire Brush

Another mistake that is often made when cleaning tile floors is the use of a wire brush with vigorous scrubbing. The cleaning technique is abrasive and damages the grout between tile quite extensively. Rubbing wire bristles back and forth over and over again against your grout will wear it down to almost nothing, causing the same damaging effects of bleach use, but in a much more rapid manner.

Sealed Tile and Grout

Many consumers are lead to believe that because they have a sealant installed on their grout and tile that they will no longer need to clean their grout, or that it will be impossible to stain the tile. This is not entirely true. Although sealing your grout and tile will reduce the need of maintenance on a tile floor, constant wear and tear will eventually take its toll. So a regularly scheduled cleaning on your tile floor is necessary for proper up keep and makes your floor look new.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

A tile floor is not easy to maintain on your own. Hiring a professional is always your best bet for keeping your tile looking new, removing any stains or repairing any grout. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration specializes in cleaning tile and grout with effective and safe techniques. Contact Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration for excellent service and professional floor cleaning results.

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