Christine S
June 24, 2015

When we first moved into our new home in Las Vegas we noticed there was a bunch of missing grout between the bathroom tile. After living there for a couple of months, we noticed mildew building up and that was the last straw. We searched online for a tile and grout care company. We wanted more than just a floor cleaning company that offered tile cleaning among an array of other services - we wanted a tile cleaning company that specialized in tile and grout cleaning only; someone who knew how to put down new grout and preferably in a different color too. SS Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning stood out from the pack. I loved their easy to read website, the positive reviews and their informative blog. And they offered everything we wanted: powerful truck mounted steam cleaning to remove all of the mildew buildup and the ability to recolor the grout to a darker shade that complemented our new wall color. And all at a fair price with cleaning tips thrown in for good measure. It looks like a new bathroom and we couldn't be happier. If you need tile cleaning in Las Vegas, call SS Floor Tile cleaners!

David S
June 24, 2015

we are so happy from our stone now after you guys had it polished and sealer floor look spot less. the showers and the counter top never look that way me and my wife will recommend u guys to all our friends

Jennifer H
June 24, 2015

SS Floor Cleaning and Restoration came to my rescue to assist me in refurbishing my home after I decided to try to sell it and move out to Henderson. Not only did their floor restoring get my kitchen, hall and bathroom tile back to a like new state, but they also assisted me every step of the way in contacting contractors that they has worked with before that were needed. Their prices are very reasonable, and I felt their tile cleaning technicians could be trusted because my dog who doesn't like anyone seemed at ease around them. I was very comfortable allowing them into my home without me being there so I did not have to leave work to have the hard floor cleaning done. Their tile polishing really deep cleaned my floors and the tile sealing is going to protect it. My tile now looks beautiful, fresh, clean and back to its former state when I bought the house ten years ago. I could not be more pleased! If you need tile and grout cleaning in the Las Vegas Valley, call these guys!!!

Ron W
June 24, 2015

My girlfriend is somewhat of a germaphobe and insisted on having all of the tile in my home professionally cleaned. I called around for residential tile and grout cleaning and my search ended with SS Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Restoration. I was impressed with all of their positive reviews and the informative posts on their Facebook page. I called them out and wasn't disappointed. They made cleaning the grout lines a breeze with their steam cleaning equipment and afterwards they did tile sealing which put my girlfriend's mind at ease. After chatting with them for a while, I started realizing that my girlfriend isn't crazy - a lot of dirt, dust and allergens were stuck in the grout lines. There were spills and stains on my kitchen tile from cooking that I hadn't bothered to clean up properly and my bathroom tile had started building up some mildew in places. I had never thought about it much but it IS gross and unhealthy to think of it festering there. For the best tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas, I would say look no further than SS!

Jack C
June 24, 2015

I hired SS Floor Cleaning and Restoration to do a tile refinishing makeover all of the tile and grout in my home. Most of it was quite old tile that had been installed years ago but the tile and grout in the master bathroom was new. The residential tile cleaners arrived on time and the whole process didn't take as long as I thought - probably because there was a few technicians working hard the whole time (I don't know why I expected only one guy). They were very careful working around my furniture too. Some smaller pieces they moved, other larger pieces like my entertainment wall center I had them work around so they taped it off really well. My wife and I enjoyed watching the whole tile polishing process. The tile sealing made a big difference in knowing that I am somewhat protected against future spills etc. I'm going to have them come back for the pavers sealing in my back courtyard. Overall, we couldn't be more pleased!

Xavier R
June 24, 2015

We first hired SS Floor Cleaning and Restoration to re-grout and seal our new kitchen and bathroom floor after the original flooring contractor didn't seal it and left it very dirty looking. We had just moved to Las Vegas and purchased the house and we weren't in love with the pale white grout. One of our neighbors recommended SS Floor Cleaning company while singing their praises for both home and commercial tile cleaning so we called them. We had them recolor our grout to a much more suitable darker brown that complemented the porcelain ceramic tile very nicely and would stand up better to our kids and dogs. The tile cleaning and sealing team at SSFR were able to get me an estimate and completed the work to perfection a few days later. The end result looks better than ever and they even gave us some great floor cleaning tips and advice. Even though we are new to LV, we know a good thing when we see it. For residential tile and grout cleaning and maintenance, we recommend SSFR! We have already given their number to a guy at my work after he was complaining about mildew buildup in his bathroom tile and missing grout in places. I bet they do just as good a job for him!

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