Fun Tile Flooring Facts

One of the most popular types of flooring is tile floors. They are a great option because of the ease in which a spill can be cleaned. Tile comes in all sorts of sizes and colors. This means that you can get whatever you want and whatever you think fits your home’s décor best. You can also choose from a wide variety of grout colors as well. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration offers over 100 color options when it comes to re-coloring your Grout! One of the biggest jobs of any home is sweeping and mopping the floors. There is also the dreaded cleaning of the grout. This can take a lot of time and can be hard to make any progress.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration have prepared the following tips and facts about tile and cleaning

Mopping Facts:

You start off mopping by getting a nice clean container with fresh water and add in the appropriate cleaner for your type of floor. Then you take the mop and soak up the liquid and wring it out. After you have mopped an area you need to re soak the mop and add more cleaner. Well this is where the problem is: you are now adding a dirty mop to clean water and wringing the dirt and grime into your nice clean container. This means you are now pushing around the dirt from the first part of the floor cleaning. Mopping can keep the floor looking clean, but it isn’t as clean as you think since most of the dirt is not being disposed of – it is just being moved around.

Grout Cleaning Facts:

Did you know that your grout can and should be sealed. Grout is very porous and can absorb whatever lands on it. This means that the color will change and all the dirt and grime sticks to the grout lines making them look dirty. If you haven’t sealed your grout and realize now that you want to, you need to take time to get it professionally cleaned first. There just isn’t a way that a homeowner can clean them quickly, it is a long and tedious process. Some people go around on their hands and knees with a toothbrush or soft wire brush to clean it.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

The best and quickest way is to go with a professional that can come in and used specialized equipment to take care of the grout in no time at all. Once it is cleaned make sure that you get is sealed right away to be sure that it is easier to clean the next time around. Contact Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration for all of your greater Las Vegas tile cleaning and sealing needs!

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