Cracked, Stained and Discolored Grout Repair, Replacement and Restoration

Tile is one of the most common flooring options that homeowners choose to install into their homes. It is an inexpensive option that offers a variety of colors and sizes. One common problem that accompanies tile is grout stains. Grout staining can occur due to a variety of situations, depending on the location of the grout. Even when you make a concentrated effort to keep your tile looking pristine, over time grout stains are sure to happen. Grout stains detract from the appearance of your tile and can leave your floor looking unattractive. It is important to tackle grout stains quickly to give leave your tile looking as clean as possible, improving the overall look of your home.

No Grout is Immune from Attracting Dirt and Stains

Grout made from cement is a porous material and will readily absorb materials that it comes into contact with. If the material that the grout comes into contact with have any type of pigmentation or color, it is most likely that the grout will absorb this color and hold onto it. Grout that is made from epoxy materials will not absorb as much as cement grout, but will still absorb to an extent. No grout is immune to attracting dirt and looking stained.

Improper Ventilation Leads to Mildew in Grout Lines

Grout that is exposed to surfaces without proper ventilation will provide an excellent environment for mildew to grow in. If mildew begins to grow within the grout and is not treated immediately, mildew will spread quickly and leave a disgusting buildup on your tile. Mildew should be cleaned and removed on first sight to avoid more serious problems, which include health risks to those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

Mineral Deposits from Soap Scum Attacks Grout

Mineral deposits and soap scum is another enemy that attack grout that sits between your tiles. Soap scum accumulates from minerals in the water that dry on the surface of the grout. If not regularly cleaned from off of your grout, soap scum can be terribly difficult to remove and can form into a thick hard layer. This layer of scum will become inviting to other dirt and grime that will easily attach itself to the already existing layer of soap scum.

Professional Grout Cleaning, Replacement, Repair and Renovation

To properly and thoroughly clean your grout it is essential to hire the help of a professional. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration will provide you with professional service and pristine results that will leave your grout looking like new. Contact Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration for the best grout cleaning service available. We will remove any and all grout stains that taint your tile floor and keep your home looking its best.

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