Cleaning Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic tile is an imaginative and fun way to decorate a floor or wall. Mosaic art and tile has been used for centuries for walk paths, artwork, floors, and bathrooms. Mosaic tile used to be made from small pieces of marble, granite, pebbles and any other type of stone that could be broken into smaller pieces. The pieces were put together in a pattern with some mortar or adhesive. These mosaic art pieces were taken care of and cleaned regularly to keep looking their best.

Modern Mosaic Tile and Cleaning

The current mosaic tile has taken on some improvements but the installation and care of the tile is still the same. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a mosaic design and to have it installed. The best thing to do when it is completed is to take care of it by cleaning it appropriately.

Mosaic tile patterns are seen all over the place like bathrooms, entry ways and even at schools. Many mosaic patterns are placed as an accent to a bigger tile area. It is a great opportunity to choose a specific color, shape and pattern that fits your home or business.

If you have mosaic tile in your home here are some ways that you can keep it clean in between professional tile cleaning visits:
Seal – The best thing that can be done for your mosaic tile is to make sure that it has a sealant added to it. After the tile is done a sealant can offer protection from build up on the tile and the grout lines. Many mosaic tiles are porous and can take on whatever it comes in contact with.
Wipe with soapy water – If you have a mosaic in a place such as a bathroom you want to be sure to take time to use a soft wash cloth with soap and water to wipe it down. This is a good way to keep dirt and grime off until the area is cleaned by a professional.
Clean Grout – One sure way to take away from a mosaic pattern and the look that you want is to make sure that the grout is cleaned on a regular basis. Having the grout discolored takes away from the look and feel, so take time to clean the grout.

If you have any mosaic tile patterns at your home or office it is best to have a professional help to keep it cleaned. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration can help have your tiles looking their best.

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