What does your Las Vegas Floor Tile Say About your Style?

When you had your tile installed what was the year? Does your tile make the statement about when it was installed? It could and if it does you may be ready to up your game. If you want a fun new upgrade and renovation for your home installing new tile is a great option. The durability of the stone and the tile that you may have already if installed correctly is probably still in great shape. The problem that it may not be the best trend anymore is certain to come up before the health of the floor will. Tile is no longer the option that is only placed in bathroom and kitchens. Many people love the ease and look of tile for many other rooms including main living areas and entry ways. The amount of options available in a tile is almost endless. There are numerous colors, styles and shapes. Builders and designers are using tiles in many different ways and not just to lay on a floor. There are some really fun and exciting new trends that are taking the tile world by storm.

Ceramic Floor Tiles Can Mimic the Look of Hardwood Floors

The look of hardwood: A beautiful hard wood floor is a great flooring option but it takes a lot of care and it needs to be treated with care to ensure that it is not scratched and scraped from normal use. The process to repair these wood floors can be a huge process. The new ceramic tile option that mimics the look of wood with the ease of tile. The look is so close to wood that most people would not even know the different. You can choose from a variety of colors and stains with different marks that show the character that people love about wood floors.
The shape of the tile has moved into more of a plank option and less of a square. The plank can be harder to install because of the shape but it brings a great look the appeal can be that the longer plank tiles can make a small area look much bigger. It can also pull rooms together and make the floor feel seamless.

Las Vegas Flooring Tiles that Look Like Concrete

The last option that is making its headway into the popular tile is the look of concrete. Using actual concrete and stamping color and pattern into it is not always practical for many homes. There are tiles that have the look of concrete and can be laid to mimic the look of concrete floors.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration in Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson NV

No matter the type of floor and style of tile that you choose you need to have a good company that can help keep it clean. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning & Restoration can keep your floors clean and looking like new.

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