How to Clean Natural Stone Countertops & Tables in Las Vegas, NV; Cleaning Products, Sealing & More

Everyone has their own methods and routine for keeping their house clean. No two people have the same way of cleaning things. No matter what process you have set for yourself it is important to make sure that what you are doing is not damaging the surfaces you are cleaning. Sometimes we do not realize that the way that we are cleaning is not the ideal method for that surface. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning Restoration wants to make sure that you are not unintentionally ruining your natural stone countertops. Today we are going to give you some tips on your to safely clean your natural stone countertops.

Clean Spills on Stone Countertops to Prevent Stains

Our first tip is to make sure that you clean up any spills that may happen on your countertops as soon as possible. The longer that items sit on your countertops they more likely they are to stain them. Teach the members of your household how important this concept is. If everyone is cleaning up any accidents as they happen your countertops will definitely stay cleaner.

Use Correct Natural Stone Cleaning Products

When you go to clean your counters it is important that you use the correct cleaning supplies. Using the wrong cleaning supplies could cause damage to your natural stone countertops. Some of the worst items to use on your natural stone countertops are vinegar and glass cleaner. Vinegar is very acidic and abrasive. It is too harsh of a chemical for natural stone. Glass cleaner could dull the polish on your countertops. There are products on the market that are made specifically for your natural stone countertops. You can also use soapy water on your countertops.

Sealing Stone Countertops

We recommend that you seal your natural stone countertops. Sealing your countertops gives you an added layer of protection that helps make your countertops stain resistant. Many people mistakenly thing that they can seal their countertops one time and then they are done. You need to routinely have your natural stone countertops resealed. Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning Restoration can come out and help you with this process. We offer natural stone sealing services.

Prevent Stains on Natural Stone Countertop Surfaces

You can also take some simple steps that help prevent spills and stains from getting onto your countertops in the first place. Teach your family members to use coasters underneath their cups and water bottles that they put on your natural stone countertops. If you display perfumes and cosmetics on your countertops we recommend that you put them on a tray of some sort instead of putting them directly on your countertops. Even though many natural stone surfaces can endure heat we recommend that you always put trivets or hot pads underneath hot pans when you put them on your countertops.

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Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning Restoration hopes that these tips help your natural stone countertops stay nice and clean for years to come. Natural stone countertops are indeed beautiful and add an elegance to your home that other types of countertops simply cannot compete with. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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