3D Printing Ceramic Tile Technology

The world of flooring has taken a turn into the amazing future and technology of 3D printing. Ceramic tiles and other flooring have been limited to a small variety of colors textures and sizes. With the insane abilities of the 3D printer, now you can have whatever look of ceramic tile you choose, which means now you can request any color possible and almost any size and shape you desire. These epoxy floors have the look of whatever texture it is that you are looking for yet come at a much cheaper price and are extremely easy to install all on your own. The 3D printed flooring will become the DIY project that everyone will be installing in their homes.

How 3D Printed Floors Work

These custom 3D printed floors use poured epoxy to encase a photo realistic image. While this technique was originally intended for hotels and restaurants, it has now crossed over into the interior of homes and is making a major impact on the way home owners are beginning to think when it comes to flooring options. No longer are you forced to choose from a small variety of drab shades of brown or gray. Not only can you print these epoxy tiles in any possible color you can dream of, you can even have an image printed on the tiles. There are 3D floors that have been installed to look like you are standing on the ocean watching a giant shark swim under your feet. Others that appear to be the sand on a beach and even a floor that makes your bed look like it is resting at the top of a water fall.

Benefits of 3D Epoxy Flooring Option

The creativity that comes along with this new 3D epoxy flooring option is endless and is changing the way people will decorate their homes. 3D liquid floors make it possible to have any scene you would like to see underneath your feet. For someone who is stuck in the house for most of the day, this can make life a bit more tolerable and fun. Not only is the epoxy liquid flooring cheaper than your standard ceramic tiles, it is also easier to clean, maintain and install.

Professional Tile Cleaning

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